Our Services

STG is focused strictly on providing services related to all aspects of data warehousing and information system application development.

This includes building the system architecture, data modeling, ELT/ETL, SQL/reporting, operations, support, and project management. We are highly focused on delivering quality consultants at fair market value. And we maintain high customer service standards.

These goals are maintained based on our deep talent pool and unfailing customer focus. We provide consulting services that cover “soup to nuts” in the data warehouse and information systems development space. While we particularly focus on Teradata, we provide services in other data warehouse spaces as well.
Professional and Consulting Service
STG has a track record of providing our clients with exceptional resources that focus on bringing their respective projects to fruition. Using our pre-screening and qualification processes which include formal pre-testing, intensive interviews, and verification procedures, we make sure that each resource is capable and ready to engage with our client on day one.

STG offers training solutions that will bolster our client's operations through innovations, implementation or acquisition. Our cost-effective and scalable services will reduce time to market and increase efficiency through:
  • Customized solutions
  • General and Technical Staffing Augumentation
  • Training
General and Technical Staffing Augumentation
STG's ability to provide outstanding general and staffing services sets the company apart. As a focused service leader, our team offers knowledge, comprehensive market analysis and exceptional customer service to guarantee results for our clients.

In general, one of the main staffing challenges is having a partner with good resources and skills to screen and provide outstanding candidates from a large candidate base. As the tools have become increasingly easier to use, and larger numbers of applicant's meet the minimum skill requirements, our selection process has evolved in kind. Our recruiters have the right background, and everyday focus to be able to have confidence, patience and the knowledge to find the right fit for the client engagement.